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Push ups are probably the least sexy and understood of all the body weight exercises. Women tend to avoid them if they can’t do the classic (unmodified) push up – and men tend to do them incorrectly. To reap the most benefits from this crucial of all body weight exercises you need to know the proper form, how to modify them until you can do them correctly, and realize just how valuable an exercise push ups are.

What Push Ups Work

Looking at the basic motion of a push up, most people automatically assume that push ups work only the upper body. While that is true, push ups are a great exercise for the chest and back, they actually put most of the muscles in your body to work. Push ups work the triceps, legs, lower back, and gluteus maximums (glutes). Your forearms and shoulders as well as neck too all get involved in this complex set of motions that put the major muscle groups of your body into motion. Proper pushu ps burn calories, approximately 9 per minute, and build strength in your core while improving balance and coordination.

push upsPush Ups In A Hotel

With all of its benefits, push ups have another advantage, particularly in the hotel room. They don’t require weights, much space, or motion; making them ideal for the tight spaces and thin walls of most hotel rooms. For those of you who might not be ready for a full push up, you can start by supporting yourself with your knees instead of feet at first. You can also do this as you fatigue from doing sets of regular push ups to continue working out even as your muscles tire and begin to give out.

The Hotel Room Push Up Routine

Many travelers, especially business travelers, have to get up early in the morning but still want to catch up on world events with their favorite morning shows. You can work in the TV with your push up schedule using this routine. Start by doing as many push ups as you can in a single minute. Remember, you don’t want to bounce or hop so take your time or switch to your knees if you have to. Cheating with your momentum won’t provide the same benefit and burns only half the calories.

women doing push upsContinue your one minute push up set, keeping track of how many you are able to do. Use that as your ‘fresh’ baseline and try to at least match it everyday and increase it by one or two each week. During the morning show, do as many push ups as you can during each commercial break and use the show to rest or try some of the other hotel room workouts.

Do try and fill the entire time as best you can, slowing down or switching to knees as needed. Also, if you happen to be traveling with a backpack in some of the best places to backpack, you can put that on to increase the workout load a bit. Your goal should be to slowly increase your heart rate to prepare you for a few other exercises while toning your entire body and abs (yes, push ups work those too).

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