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Much like the misunderstood yet powerful push up, squats are an intimidating word and exercise to most people. Again, much like the push up, squats can be done in the tight spaces of most hotel rooms, don’t require a lot of motion, and are quiet enough to be done without disturbing your hotel room neighbors. The key to taking advantage of a squat, without weights, is to keep your back straight and complete the motion slowly. This will also help prevent injury while at the same time giving you that good old burning sensation in your quadriceps.

Two Kinds Of Hotel Room Squat Positions

You can go about squats in two different ways. Often, for beginners, it’s best to do with the single-knee down motion, where you form a right angle between your thigh and calf by squatting forward and using your back leg for support. Your arms will be relaxed but pointing toward the ground, although you can try a number of variations.

sqautsOnce you get the single-knee squat down with your arms in the resting position, you can increase the intensity of this hotel room workout by holding weights in both hands. Since most travelers don’t carry dumbbells in their luggage, you can use buckets filled with free ice or use books that you may have bought or are in the room. You can also try extending your arms forward, in a “zombie position” creating a 90 degree angle between your arms and chest. Finally, you can make this versatile exercise work your balance even further but pointing your arms straight up while you complete the single-knee squat.

The second alternative to the basic single-knee down squat is to do a traditional double-knee squat. That position begins with your feet pointing mostly forward, set slightly wider than shoulder width. You want to squat down as far as you can, slowly, without bouncing or dropping to the ground. On the way up you’ll also need to take your time and not just shoot right up to get the most benefit from this squat.

As for your arms, they can be pointing out from your body at a 45 degree angle, going the direction of your knees. That’s the basic double-knee squat position for the arms but you can mix it up (and you should every few days so your body doesn’t get used to the exercise). Try placing your arms above your head or placing your hands behind your head, much like you would during sit ups or a crunch.

Squat Reminders And Basics

You want to maintain a straight back on the way down when performing squats. One of the most common mistakes is to hunch over or lean too far back, throwing yourself off balance. Doing so can increase your chance of injury and making the next common mistake – bouncing during the squat – is rough on your knees and should be avoided. Squats are one of the most complex exercises to give your body, they work your legs, abs, back, and chest as well as many other muscles in between. Squats are an excellent hotel room workout you can do in front of the TV without making a peep.

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