Announcement: Staying Fit While Traveling – Hotel Room Workouts

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Traveling frequently or staying in a hotel that may not have a great gym doesn’t mean you have to get gain weight or can’t get a good workout while traveling. There are many workouts you can do in the tight spaces of most hotel rooms to work up a real sweat and burn a significant number of calories. We’re here to show you the most effective hotel room workouts one by one that can help you stay in shape or get in better shape no matter where in the world you are. On top of that, these workouts can be done just about anywhere and once you learn them can get a great workout at home as well.

We’ve broken down each workout and show you how it’s done and have even come up with our own basic hotel room workout. You’ll learn how many calories each exercise burns and a number of variations on each one to keep them interesting.

Some Great Hotel Room Workouts

Push Ups | Squats | Jumping Jacks | Dancing | Running Stairs | Triceps Dips

You don’t need to spend money on fancy resorts, expensive hotels, or go to only the top vacation spots in Europe to maintain a good fitness routine. You can even do most of these exercises if you get caught by a flight delay or cancellation and have to spend time in some of the best airports to sleep in. These hotel room workouts are just as portable as you are!

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