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You can get in shape despite your hectic travel schedule by using our basic hotel room workout. We’ve included this routine that you can do, all in the comfort and small spaces of cheap hotel rooms as you travel around the world. It has various steps and stages for a range of fitness levels from beginners up to the those who are already in top shape. This is just our basic hotel room workout – you can feel free to modify the times and exercises to your particular circumstances. We’ve also tried to include an estimate of how many calories each exercise will burn. (Burn rates based on 68 kg or 150 lbs individuals. More calories are burned the heavier you are.)

Warm Up (5 Minutes)

To get your heart rate up and muscles loose start with these variations sets of jumping jacks.

  • Do a set of jumping jacks for 1 minute straight, taking 30 seconds off in between. If you’re working out in front of the television, do jumping jacks during the first set of commercial breaks for your warm up.
  • To increase the difficulty, place pillows under your feet.
  • For an even more difficult burn, though only after you’re thoroughly warmed up, try doing 10 seconds at double pace in between 10 seconds of your slower regular pace. Do this for 60 seconds.

This exercise will burn approximately 8-10 calories per minute and more importantly get your muscles warm.

man sweatingWorking Whole Body – Maintaining Elevated Heart Rate (5 Minutes)

Once you’ve completed the jumping jacks, switch to the little understood push up.

  • Do a series of 3 sets – 10 repetitions with 30 seconds between another set of 8, then after a minute a final set of 6. This is the beginner routine. If it is too difficult, try modified push ups.
  • You can also do higher repetitions like 15-12-8, or even much further depending on your strength.
  • Setting an absolute number (like 300) is a good way to start the morning in your hotel room.

You’ll burn about 8-10 calories per minute.

Feel The Muscle Burn – Squats (5 Minutes)

Next, move on to squats, continuing to work your entire body with balance and resistance.

  • Do a set of single leg lunges with 12-10-8 repetitions per set.
  • Increase the workload by doing them for 30 seconds straight.
  • Only do squats in between commercial breaks of your favorite TV show (2 sets).

This burns about 7 calories per minute.

Cardio – Loosen Up (10 Minutes)

Release some of that built-up tension in your legs by dancing it off. Dancing makes a great cardio workout and burns about 5-10 calories per minute.

Varies on your speed and intensity but about 8 calories per minute.

Time To Tone It Down And Finish Up (5 Minutes)

You’re in the home stretch. Your muscles are tired and your going to pack a punch in your last 5 minutes by attacking your abs.

  • Go with a set of crunches alternating with sit ups – 1 minute each for 5 minutes.
  • For an added bonus and workout, finish up with triceps dips. Sets of 10-8-6 for beginners and working up to 15-12-10 for a more difficult workout.

This entire workout will take around 30 minutes but you can mix it up depending on your schedule or spread it out throughout the day in your hotel room.

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