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This motion might be hard for you to imagine but it’s basically a “can-can”. Positioning your body upright and standing straight, you want to bring your knee up to your body forming a 90 degree angle between your thigh and torso. Do this in an alternating manner and you’ll be burning about 16 calories a minute while you give your abs, back, and legs a killer workout. Kicking knee-ups also get your heart pumping and make a great cardio workout you can do while standing in place in the hotel room. In terms of calorie burning efficiency, it’s one of the best hotel room workouts to use to expend energy in less time.

Kicking your knees up in this fashion will also produce endorphins and adrenaline to fuel your body and mind for the rest of the day or before a night out at the hotel bar. Knee-ups are a good alternative to using the treadmill in the hotel gym (if there is one) which can be broken or occupied by other guests. Plus it’s that much easier to work in knee ups with your other hotel room workout exercises like push ups or jumping jacks.

flying kneeGood For Many Fitness Levels

This is also a very joint friendly hotel room exercise and can be done by people of many fitness levels. Even a slow motion knee up routine done over a period of 15-30 minutes with 2 minutes spaces between 2 minutes of knee ups can significantly increase fitness and burn calories. You can also do alternating sets of 2-4 minutes each by kicking your ankles back and tapping them with your fingertips. This works your hamstrings a bit more and will help flexibility in the legs. Two minutes forward knee ups followed by a minute or two of kicking your ankles back seems to be a good medium and pace for many people.

To increase the resistance and challenge of this exercise, try kicking your knees up higher (further than the 90 degree angle) to your chest. This will cause your body to hop a little more and you’ll definitely feel the burn in your legs and abs. Start slowly with this modification though and pace yourself into it, otherwise you’ll just have an intense minute or two before giving up on your workout all together.


In addition to kicking your knees up, higher up, and doing ankle kick-backs, you can also try raising your arm to touch the knee of the alternate side as it comes up. So your left arm would come across your body and meet your right knee as you lift it up. By involving more of your body you’ll increase the calories burned and give your muscles some new stimulation to keep them from adapting to the same old exercise.

Finally, you can try standing on one foot and raising you knee up to the 90 degree position and holding it from there as long as you can. This will give your abs that burning sensation while at the same time improving balance and strengthening your ankle joints.

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