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This exercise can be done both in your hotel room or in the stairwell of the place you’re staying. Both of them are great cardio workouts and you can combine them to enhance your overall fitness while you travel around the world. Start by warming yourself up with a set of push ups and them moving on to kicking knee ups to get your heart rate up and your muscles loose. This will help you prevent injury to cold muscles and also give you a small adrenaline kick to give you more energy for the increased activity from doing these start exercises.

Doing Stairs In The Room

Obviously there aren’t a flight of stairs in your hotel room and if there are you must be staying in a very nice place! Anyway, the way to do stairs in the room is to use the couch, chair, or bathroom stool if there is one. You’ll climb up and down following the pattern – right leg up, left leg up, right leg down, left leg down; you can also do the reverse. It’s just important to alternate consistently to keep the load on both legs as evenly as you can. Similar to doing squats, you’ll feel this exercise right above you kneecaps in your quadriceps and likely very quickly at that.

To combat this fatigue and to stretch out the exercise across a period of time, use TV show commercials for an on and off schedule over 30 minutes or so. This will let you keep the stairs up for longer, and maintain an elevated heart rate burning more calories and fat in the process. It’s a nice, quiet hotel room workout that doesn’t require much additional equipment that isn’t already in your room for free.

Using Pillows

stairsIf you’re a bit out of shape, you can start yourself off nice and easy by replacing the couch or stool with a thick pillow. The pillow is lower to the ground and will give in more to your weight, but the uneven surface will also would more of the small muscles around your leg joints as well. We’ve talked a few times about the importance of incorporating balance into your workout routine. Doing so enhances the number of times and neural connections made by the brain to the muscles and back. This leads to less injuries down the line since the body is more aware of itself as it’s got a better line of communication with the brain.

When you want a stair master without the weight and a little more action, move yourself to the hotel’s stairwell. Make sure there are cameras and the exits can be opened and then get moving! The higher the hotel the better but try and maintain a constant pace. If you run the stairs like a sprint, you’ll tire yourself out too quickly to get any benefit. You want to run up and down the stairs and keep going for a minimum of 10 minutes, but ideally up to 20 minutes and beyond.

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